Perry’s Biography

Perry lives in the New Forest in southern England (a small country on the edge of Europe that used to be famous.) He says he couldn’t live without trees, which makes him a hypocrite as he also wants to chop them down to make his books. He has two sheds, a wife, three children and a dog. Perry likes all food and dislikes adverts that tell you they care.


What is he like on the inside?

When I was younger, I thought I was deep; but to be deep you gave to be liquid. I am more solid than that. I am not so much deep, as... well, thick. But at least I'm layered, I'm made up of, oh at least, one layer. But I have many sides and these sides have edges; I'm very edgy. Although as I get older, these edges are wearing down, my myriad facets are all looking similar. Perhaps I'm not the rare diamond my youth supposed, but a pebble on the beach of humanity.