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Hexult is a book of 86,000 words hitting a large age range from 11, with a good potential for adult cross-over owing to the style of story

The first thing you may want to read is a synopsis. Here is our prefered version 234 word

Or here are diffferent lengh versions if you require more, or less detail: 25 word ~ 45 word ~ 185 word ~ 581 word

Intrigued enough to want to read the first 8000 words? First Chapters

Still with us? Perhaps you would like to know a litle about the authors? Perry ~ Sandy

Or perhaps you would prefer to know a little of how Hexult came about? Back story

One unusual aspect of Hexult is the science, the fact that it is not science fiction, but science within the grasp of the books intended reading age, 11 to 14. For instance, if you doubt the feasibility of an ice lens, have a look at the youtube video: Science


Want to see even more? Simply go to our front page and click on the islands. There is information behind most of them. Hexult

If you want to see the whole book, or wish to ask any questions, please email us at: perry[at]hexult[dot]com