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T' world 'o' Hexult

A shiverin' read fr-a scorchin' day.

Hexult be aimed at 12 - 15 year old whipper-snappers, but has been a refreshin' read for many long-tooths. T' material be also suitable for readin' t' younger sprogs; or for them advanced-reading sprogs.

Suitable for teens, with t' warnin' they might find t' lack o' vampires or lassie angst, a little shockin'.

What we couldn't belay on t' jacket cover...

T' Earth be in another ice age and civilisation be restartin' in a future so distant that t' only traces port o' our time be a few precious shards o' glass. When t' seas rose and t' earth froze, much knowledge was lost.
Life on Hexult be about t' change, with t' arrival o' t' new young wizards and their strong magic; t' new magic they call 'science'.
Sail with Aulf across t' ice, through t' frozen breath o' t' deadly Vajra crevasse and between t' quarrellin' isles o' Hexult.

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