Elya's sketches

Aulf by Elya Self portrait Ingar by Elya Jacob by Elya Jacob by Elya Svanah by Elya

Jacob's sketches

Wooden ice tower Ice tower The map Wizards tower

Ingar's first attempts

Grim by Ingar Self portrait Lorand by Ingar Aurora by Ingar

Preliminary book covers

3dCoverYellow FramedMap Hexultsunset rippedMapSmall cover6-3d 2011Bookfront3


Barley Jakir Chine Orking Do Quayven Smithy Island Spinnyridge Thorland wellspring Zanzo Strikers


ice plain3 Nocturnal Poster

Fans Pictures

LegoAurora NanoBlockAurora

Promotional video

This is a 3 minute video promoting my talk on my book

Below is a set of videos, showing a few of the topics I include in my Hexult book talk. Not as good as the video above, but they will give a clearer view of some of the topics I talk about

Hexult talk - Introduction
Where I pose the first question "Do you believe in magic" and I do the simple, but confusing thumb trick.

Hexult talk - Compass
The magic of magnetism

Hexult talk - Perspective
The importance and necessary of perspective in writing, drawing and life.

Hexult talk - Jet stove
The simplest science can be the best science

Hexult talk - The (not really a) trick
Where I show a trick from two perspectives (not available yet)

Hexult talk - Ice Lens
Science as magic

Hexult talk - The Stirling Engine
Science as inspiration