Promotional Video

This is a 3 minute video promoting my talk on my book

Below is a set of videos, showing a few of the topics I include in my Hexult book talk. Not as good as the video above, but they will give a clearer view of some of the topics I talk about

Hexult talk - Introduction
Where I pose the first question "Do you believe in magic" and I do the simple, but confusing thumb trick.

Hexult talk - Compass
The magic of magnetism

Hexult talk - Perspective
The importance and necessary of perspective in writing, drawing and life.

Hexult talk - Jet stove
The simplest science can be the best science

Hexult talk - The (not really a) trick
Where I show a trick from two perspectives (not available yet)

Hexult talk - Ice Lens
Science as magic

Hexult talk - The Stirling Engine
Science as inspiration