What is H2?

H2 is the working title of the sequel to Hexult.

How's it going?

Slowly, is the quick answer.
Publishing Hexult and all that entails, eats into my writing time and so the sequel is being written in fits and starts.

The good news is, that I'm over three-quarters of the way through the first draught.
The bad news is that the first book was three years between the end of the first draught and something we could publish. - Hopefully this time it will be quicker.

11th July 2011

I can't believe it, I'll actually writing. H2 finishes with a large battle - a big impressive, detailed fight. I've written up to it, I've written around it, but I've been avoiding getting into it. Other big scenes, just started as scenes then grew. This one was always going to be a big, important scene, hence my prevarication.

But now, I'm sitting in my shop, the heat is oppressive, the holidaymakers ebb and flow through the door, the lorries trundle past outside shaking the windows; it's too hot to have the door closed, yet I'm writing.

I thought, I'd need to be in a forest glade, or sitting with the open sea at my feet, not squeezing sentences between my worldly life. But between the people and the sounds all around me, I can see the majestic ships gliding into the battle of their lives.

14th September 2011

I've finished it! - Well that's not entirely true; to be honest that's not even close to being true. I've got to the end, which is not nearly the same thing.

I've got to the end, including all the aspects I wanted, weaved into a good plot, or at least that's what I thought! However, the first thing I did, was send it to my co-writer, who pointed out the faults with the plot, the weakness of my arguments, and the lack of consistency of my people. - This reminded me why I have a co-writer, not an editor, I can't see the wood for the trees. The story I've lived with makes perfect scence in my brain , only not on paper.

So after a breather, we will start cutting it up and re-writing it. - Watch this space.