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3rd - 6th July 2012
Talks at four local schools as part of their literary festival.
Hardly School (has since become the New Forest Academy)
Noadswood School
Hounsdown School
The Romsey School
I did a total of 13 talks, all about an hour. Class sizes ranged from 8 to 120. Some talks in classrooms, others in the library, a few in the science labs and one in a drama studio.
They seemed to go well although it's hard to tell. One of the talks was filmed, so when I get a copy, I will post it here and you can judge for yourselves.

12th June 2012
Today I visited Thornden School for the morning.
I met 31 year 6's on a 'taster day'. First day in a new school, with new classmates and they inflict me on them! Still they were lovely. I think the talk went fairly well. The story cubes were a great sucess. Signing 31 books was the scary part. -Is there a word for someone who has a morbid fear of writing by hand in public; I even managed to spell my own name wrong twice.

22nd September 2011
Well, we are now ready to do more school visits. If you would like us to visit your school, just email
There's no charge, we can talk to a single class, or a whole year group, we can fit into your timescale starting at an hour.

For more information about our talks click here: Author Talk

If you would like to have a look at my lecture notes, click here: mind map - but be warned, it will make no sense to anyone else!

19th July 2011
We returned to Applemore, to a buffet laid on in the library, and met again the reading group from the week before. This group of 12-13 year olds met us like old friends;  eager to talk and ask questions. It may just have been because we had already been introduced to them, but I feel, that having read our book, they felt they knew us better.

They liked the book, some were very enthusiastic, some had finished it in the week, others were still going, but the overal impression I received was that these were the right people for Hexult. 12-13 year old, advanced readers. The book is structured for older readers, but the content is suitable for younger readers, ideal for those who like to read above their years.

Reviews are still to come, but our own straw-pole suggested they liked the characters, but they especially liked the 'gadgets' which was fascinating as I had no idea I had gadgets, just some simple bits of school-boy science.

Special thanks must go to Mrs. Kingdon, the Librarian for taking a chance on an unknown Author and for making us so welcome.

Here's our mention in their school gazette: (Click here for the full Gazette)

12th July 2011
Today we visited Applemore, a secondary school in the new Forest.
We met a very enthusiastic reading group, we lent each of them a copy of Hexult and they have promised to have us back next week to give us their reviews.
-This is where we will post their reviews: good, bad or indifferent.