"It has a real childlike innocence and sense of wonder about it that make it a great book"

Sift Book Reviews

"It has that sprinkle of fairytale charm that we find so little of lately. "

"You might have to get two, like I did - one copy for you, one for the kids."
Denna Holm

"Chapters are short, ideal, I think for children's fiction. I can imagine classes in school using a story like this."

"There is so much for young readers to wonder about and I can see how easily a book like this could be used to motivate pupils to produce their own work. There's a good balance between dialogue and narrative, and your descriptions of the sailing craft and ice-world are excellent."

"pacey stuff; felt very filmic"

"Your characters were warm (and your world cold and beautiful)."

"The setting is original and fascinating, yet within the compass of the imagination of a ten year old. "

"You have a fascinating story here, full of imagination and your prose is so accessible and direct, perfect for your target audience."

"Straight away the simplicity of science was mistaken for magic and gives a taste of what's to come."

"The way all the important information is woven, so expertly, into the narrative is seamless."

"I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed reading this, apart from the obvious quality of the writing, is that it felt new and fresh."

"You have created a fascinating world and your characters are all very strong with believable dialogue. Your descriptions of settings are beautiful and I am transported into your wonderful imaginary world."
Betty K