Not Quotes

Quotes that didn't quite make it on to the back of the book for one reason or another.

"Brilliantly fantastic, with large dose of marvellous. This page-turning unputdownable tour-de-force of an epic is without doubt the absolute bestest thing since way before sliced bread."
The Random Blurb Generator

"Yeah, well, like it didn't all suck"
Dirk 'low-jeans' Mooncheeks

"80% of it was half decent, the other third was ten times better."
Maths Weekly

"Nine out of ten cats didn't even read it!"

"We feel there may be some issues with plagiarism."
Sineit & Leggit Solicitors

"Waste of time - Whole book, not one vampire, werewolf, six-pack or bared-chest, by definition this cannot be young adult literature."
Twilite fan club

"Well, I liked some of it."
Statler or Waldorf

"The snippet we surreptitiously sampled, seemed solid, six out of six."
A. Literation

"Much, I liked it, I did"

"Congratulations, I never thought you'd have the ability to pick such a good ghost writer"
Miss Sims (Perry's old English teacher)

"I wan' ter pass on me thanks, that were the bes' book i ever read, that were the on'y book i ever read, ill be takin' it ter Dumbledore later!"