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8th October 2011


Hexult is a good book. I particularly like Isambard because he comes and saves the ice fair.
This book is exciting and has some cliff hangers.
When Jacob and Elya were ship wrecked and their dad had died, Aulf took them on board. Jacob and Elya turned out to have some weird skills......

saul, age 10

6th October 2011

when's the sequel out?

This story is great and I like the characters; Grim, the blacksmith, is my favourite and I also really like Elya and Isambard. The story is exciting with the raiders and interesting. Sailing on ice sounds cool. I like books that have more in a series too. E.E.M. age 10


24th August 2011

A Great Read

A great book. We really enjoyed reading it to our children.

"A brilliant story, full of adventure and science. Different to other books as the whole world is frozen and the facts helped me easily picture the ice world. I wanted to carry on reading and not stop. I liked Ingar because she was always really wild and free and I liked Elya because she had loads of brilliant ideas." Lauren (age 11)

"It gets into the exciting bit very quickly. I liked Gabriel as he's mysterious. Hector and Ivor made it more exciting but they are just bullies. I can't wait for book 2." Sam (age 9)

A. Mackenzie