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184 word Synopsis

The Earth is in another ice age and civilisation is restarting in a future so distant that the only traces left of our time are shards of glass. A time where a little science goes a long way.

Hexult is a chain of islands in a vast sea of ice, divided by a great chasm. Twins, Jacob and Elya, escaping from a distant land, are shipwrecked in Hexult, rescued and befriended by Aulf, a young mail man, and Ingar, his crew. The twins' superior knowledge of science and technology leads the superstitious islanders to believe they are magicians, and they soon find themselves in trouble with the resident wizard of Hexult.

Their plan to help the islands by building signal towers around Hexult is almost thwarted by a troublesome prophecy. The locals fears are fanned by the old wizard, causing in turn Elya's disappearance. Overcoming prejudice, island politics and ice raiders they finish with Jacob's revolutionary idea for a joint ice fair, which seems about to successfully reunite the troubled islands until an attack threatens to destroy everything he and his friends have worked for